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Fake or Stolen Ancient Roman Coins

Modern Forgeries/Fakes of ancient Roman coins:

Reworked Caesar denarius, first as poor condition coin sold in auction, then a year later reworked as EF quality coin. Note the very good workmanship even under high magnification. Technology is so far not identified.

Fake Leo Tremissis, sold at Munich fair 2011, note the strangely dancing Victory and the soft plastic like letters. Likely a pressed forgery
Below a fake Anastasius Tremissis of the same make, using the same reverse die !

fake leo

close up of the Anastasius

Learning from close up looks at Genuine ancient coins:

Here two images shown as question to CFDL, but of a genuine coin, to show variety of gold coin surfaces under high magnification::
surface 1  here a close up of an authentic aureus, has anyone expereince with tiniy surface damages such as above the "I", looks like a layer of  gold peeled off showing a deeper core also of gold.Weight is correct by the way.. I have seen this with silver denari, but not yet with gold.

Here another image close up of the other side, with lines so typical for struck aurei auf the Antonines. The white fluffy thing is a human skin particle :-)
surface 2


On this page we offer the listing of  stolen coins, to permanently make the images available. If you see any of these coins, please send an email to Thank you

1. Stolen in registered mail transit between Germany and PA in USA, ca. December 2010:

stolen Marc Antony denarius

Marc Antony and Octavian denarius, please inform us if you come across this coin.

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