Greek and Roman Sculpture in Greece (incl Athens National Museum)
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Ancient sculpture in Greece, including the Athens National Museum, Olympia, and Delfi

Mask of the so called Agamemnon, from Mykene, Greece, National Museum, Athens

2 Examples of Cycladic sculpture, National Museum, Athens

Early greek marble sculpture, a Kuros, National Museum, Athens

Greek Corinthian Type Helmet, Olympia Museum

Hermes of Praxiteles (?), Olympia Museum

Corroded perfection, a small disc thrower, National Museum, Athens
     Hercules in bronze, National Musm, Athens

Equestrian Statue, National Museum, Athens, Greece

Venus with sandal, fighting off Pan, National Museum, Athens  Venus, National Museum, Athens

Sleeping beauty, National Museum, Athens

Delfi, Apoll playing the lyra

Bronze Equestrian Statue of Augustus, National Museum Athens, Greece

Livia Augusta, wife of Augustus, National Museum, Athens, Greece

Agrippina Major, daughter of Drusus Major, National Museum, Athens, Greece

beautiful bearded young man, National Museum, Athens

Antinuous, Delfi Museum, Greece

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