Large Greek & Roman Bronze Sculpture
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Charioteer of Delphi, Delphi Museum

Poseidon, National Museum Athens

Two Greek bronze warriors found off the coast of Riace, Italy, now in the National Museum in Reggio di Calabria

Said to be from the famous sculptor Praxiteles, Youth of Marathon, National Museum Athens

Young athelete, National Museum, Athens, Greece

Hellenistic King/Prince (?), National Museum, Athens, Greece

Bearded Man, National Museum, Atherns, Greece

Smaller bronzes, still exquisite in style
Disc thrower   Hercules in bronze

Victorious Youth, currently in the Getty Villa, Malibu, California, requested by Italy to be returned

Athlete found off the shore of Croatia, National Museum Zagreb, Croatia

Bronzes found off shore in the Sea.

Often they were war booty of the Romans that got lost in storms or other shipping accidents when on the way to Rome to deocrate the homes of the Roman nobility, or even the emperor.
The removal of encrustations and conservation of these bronzes is a major challenge, however the resulting surfaces are often stunning and very beautiful.

Considering that most large bronzes were melted down for the value of their raw material bronze, we must consider ourseleves very lucky for any such marine finds.
Images National Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

Hellenistic Prince, Therme di Diocletiano, Rome (Now Palazzo Massimo National Museum, ground floor)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Boxer, Palazzo Massimo, Rome

Equestrian Statue, National Museum, Athens, Greece

Berlin, Antikenmuseum

Glyptothek, Munich, Germany

Louvre, Paris

Roman Bronze, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Bronze Equestrian Statue of Augustus, National Museum Athens, Greece

Julio-Claudian (?) Boy in bronze, Metropolitan Museum, New York

Julio-Claudian bronze head, Metropolitan Museum, New York  (Germanicus ?)

Hadrian, Louvre Museum Paris

Marcus Aurelius Equestrian Statue, Roma Capitoline Museums


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