Greek and Roman Sculpture from Napoli
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National Museum, with excavations from Herculaneum and Pompei, as well the Farnese collection from Rome.  See also the famous bronzes from Herculaneum and Pompei, Vesuvius protected them from their usual fate: scrap metal for future use...

Venus turning back to see her reflection in a pond....

Plaster copy of the same Venus statue (in the Museo Nationale in Napoli, the head is a modern reproduction)

The most fascinating marble ensemble that came to us from hellenistic / Roman days (it is likely a Roman copy, but could also be a hellenistic original)
National Museum, Naples

The Hercules Farnese, from Rome to Napoli....

A smaller copy in bronze from the Louvre in Paris

Deer hunted by dogs, one of  a pair of sculptures

From the National Museum in Napoli

Goats at play

Venus with golden bikini


Also a respectable collection of Roman emperors


Marcus Aurelius portrait

Severus Alexander


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