Roman Mintmarks
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Official Roman coins from about the 4th century onwards show clear mintmarks indicating the city where the coin was minted, also often the officina (workshop) that minted the coin.
Also there were many local mints. Most cities in the East and many in the West, especially in Spain, minted local coins. In the West this ended with Caligula, in the East local mints continued their activity till way into the 3rd century.
Many variations are known.

Official Roman Mints with most common mintmarks, many variations of these marks are known. Please note that some mints like Colonia Agrippina do not present any mint marks
  • Alexandria ALE
  • Antiochia  ANT
  • Arleate  AR, KONOB
  • Ambianum AMB
  • Aquilea AQ
  • Camulodunum C
  • Colonia Agrippina 
  • Constantinopolis  CON, COS
  • Heraclea HERACL
  • Karthago KAR
  • Kyzicus  KYZ
  • Londinum LON, PLN, ML
  • Lugdunum  LUG
  • Mediolanum M-D
  • Nikomedia SMN
  • Ostia  OST
  • Ravenna  R-V
  • Roma  RBS
  • Rotomagus 
  • Serdica   SER, SMSD
  • Sirmium  SIRM
  • Siscia SIS
  • Thessalonica  TES
  • Ticinium  TT , PT
  • Treverorum  TR, PTR, TROB
  • Some examples of official Roman mints with fotos below:

    Alexandria, ALE


    Ambianum, AMB

    Antiochia, 5th officin,  ANTE

    Arleate (Arles), A R   KONOB

    Aquilea, AQ 

    Camulodunum, C


    Carthage,  KART,


    Colonia Agrippina, (Köln in Germany), no specific mintmark, but Victorinus is thought to have minted this coin at this city

    Constantinopolis, CONOB


    Heraclea, H, HER


    Kyzikus,  M K Delta

    Londinum, LON


    Lugdunum LVGPS

    Mediolanum, M D  COM

    MD PS  = "Pure Silver" from Mediolanum

    Nikomedia, SMN


    Ostia,  OST 

    Ravenna, R V COMOB

    Rome,  R M   COMOB

    Rotomagus, known for this type under Carausius

    Serdica, SD


    Sirmium, SIRM


    Siscia, SIS

    Thessalonica, 5th officina, SMTSE (Sacra Moneta TS E)
    TES for Thessalonica

    Ticinum, TT

    Treveri, TROB  (pure Gold from Trier, Germany)

    TR = Trier