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Roman Portrait Book

PORTRAITS - 500 years of Roman Coin Portraits


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This museum features a portrait gallery of  Roman emperors and their families from the late Roman republic to the end of the western Roman Empire, both on coins and in sculpture. Pieces of art in marble and metal. In addition you will find Roman historical coins; countermarks on Roman coins; legionary stamps on Roman bricks; Roman military diplomas; Roman military equipment; officials, provinces, buildings, animals, gods & mintmarks on Roman coins. Shorter sections cover Greek and Celtic coinage, and also the Byzantine Empire.

It does not represent specific collections, not even of a network of collectors (who could be that rich anyway ?) It is a completely virtual museum, with scans from many different sources. It thus took a lot of enthusiasm, but little budget to set up this museum. We are strictly non-commercial. No coins or artefacts to sell. Do not ask us about prices, we will not answer. We hope you will simply enjoy the beauty of history shown in large size images !  

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